Our Story

What started off as an idea in a college dorm has turned into so much more. Shaina Rene, owner of Blink Beauty, started her brand as a side hustle to make ends meet while in school. At the time, Shaina had a huge passion for doing makeup for students on her campus but could never find statement lash extensions to complete the looks of her clients. To find a solution to this problem, Shaina started providing her own line of lashes to all her clients and shortly after turned it into a new business. The brand originally started off as Blink Lashes, a company that initially only sold quality reusable mink eyelashes. Blink Lashes slowly transitioned into Blink Beauty when hair extensions were added.

The goal of Blink Beauty is to provide quality luxury beauty products that last, at an affordable price for everyone. As a brand, we aim to make every customer feel beautiful and confident with the use of our products. Blink Beauty will always provide luxurious quality beauty products without customers having to break the bank. Being a woman can be very expensive so we will always strive to provide the very best products at the best price.